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¡°Accurate, prompt, and convenience for the good of information society¡±

Company must establish its business activities that are founded on the ethical code of conduct. It is through this principle that company can only be recognized for its excellence from the customers and society. We here at Daeshin, keeping this ethical code of conduct close to our hearts, have executed management policy and labor-management that are transparent. With our long established history and through our business principle based on the high ethical standard, in hope of maintaining trust, we promise to serve our customers with responsibility and utmost dedication.

"Top of the line products, total solution communication company"

Professional company providing top of the line communication products and service.
We endeavor to be the best in communication company not only in domestic bus also internationally. By revolutionizing our management strategy as well observing non-borrowing business practice, we will be the first class enterprise that generates optimum profits. This is our "Pride 21" vision.