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Our quality service begins with our personnel that are well trained and satisfied with their work. From the simplest things, we endeavor to share our thoughts and opinions and consider our personnel input with utmost importance.
Moreover, Daeshin regards our personnel as our most valuable assets and strives to provide with the working environment that brings out the best in their abilities.
Two-thirds of our personnel hold stock share of Daeshin, and we make every effort to provide transparent management and through equitable distribution of profit, our personnel shares the concept of "master of work." This concept undoubtly will translate into satisfied workforce, and in return, will pave the way to provide expertise and service that is unmatched in this industry.
"Low cost, High efficiency. Delivering accurate, prompt and convenient service, welcome to Daeshin! We here at Daeshin provide one-stop solution for managing image, computerization, communication, OA, LAN, and network and aim at giving our customers, accurate, prompt and convenient service.

Education- Continuous implementation of education for improved service
Prompt troubleshooting-Overall maintenance of system, network, and image with one simple phone call
Low expense-Lower cost through unified one-point management system
Guarantee service through our firm commitment (Total Management)- Unlike our competitors, we provide, through a contract bulk, service that is responsible and committed.
Rational Investment-Proposal of long-term communication network through our in-sdepth experience




We have established 27-network agency nationwide through our experience in operating and managing nationwide network, circuit management, PC management, and innovative technology. We are also able to maintain our lead in this fast changing network environment by way of flexible adaptability, efficient management of nationwide agency resources, and reduction in overhead costs. With this firm business foundation, Daeshin promises competitive strengths that will benefit the customers.